And after 3 years….

  • "Light in the Dark" Bhaktapur, Nepal
  • "Light in the Dark" Bhaktapur, Nepal

    “Light in the Dark” Bhaktapur, Nepal


    “Light can only be understood with the wisdom of darkness.”
    Ka Chinery, Perceptions from the Photon Frequency


    ….. I’m back!!

    Yes…after 3 whole years of inactivity, I am back on my long abandoned blog!
    The truth is, that after I came back from my travels in Asia, and got back to London, I basically mourned for a year! Nothing that happened in London seemed worthy to be written about…although this not necessarily true! There is LOADS going on in London, just for me…it wasn’t colourful enough, soulful enough and wonderfully inspiring as Asia is!
    And the following two years after that…well…I just couldn’t be asked! 😀

    But, this year (New year resolution perhaps!?) after 3 years, I’ve decided to pick t up again, and possibly because in 2015 I’ve also managed to be back to my beloved Asia after 3 years! In Nepal to be precise, where the above photo was taken.
    I was in Bhaktapur, only 10 days before the terrible earthquake that reduced my poor Nepal in dust and debris. I was attending the Nepali New Year celebration which happens mid-April and I was watching one of the traditional moment of folklore under a shelter, squeezed in like a sardine with a million of other Nepali women and elderly, when this intriguing chap got my attention…
    He called me like “You!” looking like “Look at this girl and take a photo for your records” and started to smoke his cigarette in a very Clint Eastwood-Im-so-cool-and-bad kind of way.

    Uh!! Easy shot!! Easy shot!! Do not f**k it up woman!! As I’m veeeery good at mess up even the easiest of pics due nervousness, shyness and not wanting to annoy locals more than necessary because I have all my settings messed up!! But hey…With a GREAT relieve I did get this one right…..phew!!!!



  • 5 thoughts on “And after 3 years….

      • Happy New Year to you too Carol! And thank you! Haha he certainly did! He really wanted me to take his pic and when I showed him those I took he nodde approving and all the ladies around him were giggling! And I was lucky enough not to be asked for money too (Some locals do that a lot nowadays!)

        • He’d have had a cheek if he’d asked for money when he was the one who’d asked for his photo taking. In Jordan, we offered money to people if we asked to take their photo but not if they were wanting it taking (not that any of them asked us to take any).

        • Some do it anyway, they are soooo cheeky!! They call you being all nice and ask you to take their photo, then…there It comes their hand in sign of “give me something!“

        • Actually, I experienced something like that in Egypt – someone would very kindly bring you a nice cup of hibiscus tea… and while you were thinking what lovely locals there are, they would wait until you drink it and then ask you for money. I would rather they asked if I want to buy one – I’ll usually buy something if asked up front but don’t like that way of doing it!

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