The First Snow!

"Magic Snow" Arcore, Milan, Italy.

“Magic Snow” Arcore, Milan, Italy.

“I have never heard a more eloquent silence.”
Laurie Halse Anderson


…I know…today’s photo it’s something different… it is not my usual Asian-looking image from my travels…but today, here in my home town, we had the first snow fall of the season :). How magical it all looks when every surface is covered by it! How perfect, soft and pure your surroundings become! And is not long to Christmas now…and all the street decorative lights, and the Christmas trees in the gardens, covered by a layer of  this white fluffy frozen thing, makes it all look even more special…I could not help, but celebrate today’s magic with a post about it…





6 thoughts on “The First Snow!

  1. Superb photo! I like snow when it’s like you describe – unfortunately here it usually does something stupid like rain and then freeze hard. I’ve been skating round nearly falling on my a*se all week 😦

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