The Unmissable Afternoon Nap…

"The Nap on the Boat" Battambang, Cambodia.

“The Nap on the Boat” Battambang, Cambodia.

“True happiness is… to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.
…is pretty impossible not to notice that in Asia they do like their nap…you will see people, well…men usually, sleeping anywhere! On the sit of their scooter, on the tuk tuk, on the cyclos, on a boat….and, especially in Cambodia, in public places, disseminated here and there, there are gazebos with hammocks where one can have some lunch and of course the  nap in the hot afternoon hours.
One of the many things you will learn spending some time in the most rural parts of Asia, is that stress is really something not considered…there is not need to get stressed! And if you can…go and have a nap… 😉

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