"Beautiful Smiles" Bokor Hill Station, Kampot, Cambodia.

“Beautiful Smiles” Bokor Hill Station, Kampot, Cambodia.

“Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone.”
…this is one of my favourite photo out of the billion I’ve taken during my 8 months journey throughout South East  Asia. Immediately makes me happy. It represent exactly what Cambodia is to me: the wonderful children everywhere, those genuine, beautiful, warm smiles that everyone, everyone,  will always give you no mater what,when you catch their eyes. There is so much goodness in Khmer people that  whoever have been in this wonderful little Country can’t help  but to leave a piece of their heart there…I certainly did  :D…




7 thoughts on “Hellooooooo!!!

    • Oh, that so interesting to know! I wouldn’t have thought in a Muslim country people would be too embracing. You’re right, we have no reason not to be happy, we have everything and all sort of possibilities…yet we are the most arrogant, suspicious and not that ready to share than less fortunate populations, not even ready to share a smile! T 🙂

      • Some of the ‘town Arabs’ weren’t over-friendly (although many of them were), but the Beduin were all very uncomplicated and very friendly. They were also very honest and didn’t try to ‘screw’ all they could out of you money-wise. I have a lot of respect for them!

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