Nepali Rice Field

"Nepali Rice Field" Sitapaila, Kathmandu, Nepal.

“Nepali Rice Field” Sitapaila, Kathmandu, Nepal.

“Life may be more akin to a series of meets than a single marathon. You can lose a race here or there, as long as you win in one contest, in one area. All the struggles you endured will become a prized investment in your own person.”

Daisaku Ikeda



…it was around 1:30pm when from the window I saw the rice field facing my room at the nunnery, full of Nepali ladies working…that was then the first time I saw Nepali during the harvest!!! And it was such an AMAZING moment!! So I grabbed my camera, shoot out the room, flew down the stairs, run across the Nunnery yard where the Nuns where doing art class (I had their surprised round little faces following my movements with a look that said “what is she doing??!!”) and got out the huge gate. I’ve stop running and walked down the street towards the Ladies hoping they won’t notice me so that they won’t feel uncomfortable. I happily took some photos, and when all pleased with myself I walked back through the gate, those little rounded faces were still looking at me, now with a look saying “So???!!!” I couldn’t possibly get away without explanation of course, so I got closer, and all excited I told them: “There are Nepali Ladies working in the field!!!”

They busted in a laugh, and their look was now saying “ahhh…the tourist…” 😀 …


8 thoughts on “Nepali Rice Field

  1. I can imagine their hilarity at that! it’s the same for us though when we see someone come to our country and take photos of things we think are perfectly ordinary I suppose.

    What a lovely colourful photo though (I guess it’s a lovely, colourful country).

    I keep thinking Britain should try growing rice nowadays as it rains almost continually – would have to be a ‘cold’ variety though!

    • Oh absolutely! Specially in places so incredibly different from what we know, is a continuous surprise! And Asian do laugh at us, pale people with a camera, very often! 😀 For them is totally normal having a goat on top of a bus…and laugh that we get shoked! Where else do you want to put a goat if you need to move to another town….

      Yes, Nepal is so incredibly colorful! I haven’t been to India, but from what I have seen it is very similar, as being mostly Hindù all the women wear colorful sari and very very intense colors in their clothing!

      hahaha Carol! That made me laugh out loud!! It is true!! How come England does no gow rice!! If someone can have a vignard and make English wine (As Italian I swear I was stunned, and liked the wine too!) with a 11 months rainy season… I’m sure rice can be cultivated as well!! 😉

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      • Yes…but….there is quite a bit difference in the culture from every state….I guess that is the reason why they call it the sub continent 🙂 But India is a place to visit….Especially for people like you who like Street Photography….

      • Oh definetely! I wouldn’t think that one country is the same as another, not even cities in the same contry sometimes have the same vibe 😀 I haven’t manage to go to India this time, but I am very looking forward to go soon, and stay at least 6 months!

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