"Boudha abituè" Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Nepal

“Boudha habituè” Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Nepal

“The greatest enemy of mankind is fear, which manifests itself in different forms, such as shame, jealousy, anger, insolence, arrogance. What is the cause of fear? The lack of self-confidence.”

Swami Prajnanapada

“Il maggiore nemico dell’uomo è la paura, che si manifesta sotto forme diverse, come la vergogna, la gelosia, la collera, l’insolenza, l’arroganza. Qual è la causa della paura? La mancanza di fiducia in se stessi”

Swami Prajnanapada


6 thoughts on “Wisdom

    • Oh… is a gentelman, isn’t he?? Not a lady….well, at least I thought so! 😀 What a Monk rappresent to me (I’m a Buddhist too) is wisdom, that’s why the title 🙂 the one in the pic was outside the stupa giving blessing to Nepali and ripping off unaware tourist 😀

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