Hello World!

  • I think I like the default title of the “first post of your blog! Welcome!” and I will leave as it is…HELLO WORLD!

    So, here I am…after thinking that blogging was really not something I wanted to get involved with…”My addiction to Facebook is surely enough” I thought…..and also, “why on earth every traveler I met writes a blog? Why does people need to tell the world why they are travelling, what they are doing, what they think of places, people, food, guest house’s owners and bed bugs on their beds?? Why telling THE WORLD??”

    Isn’t a travel journal good enough? Well…I still don’t know why people would want to share their thoughts with the world, but is definitely not up to me questioning that. I’m sure people have their reasons for it.

    I know I won’t share a diary of my travels (sorry peeps if you though so!) as my thoughts are for me only, and for few other lucky ones ;)…but I want to share my photographs, that is really what I want to do!! 😀

    The ban on Facebook there is in Vietnam is what did the trick….As I can’t post photos on FB (And I’m too impatient to wait until I finally get to Cambodia!) I thought “why not!” 😀

    Maybe I will have fun with it!

    I’m not sure how this blog is going to be like…I will take it like Walt Disney defined “Fantasia”…a work in progress! And I will see where it will take us… 🙂

    A Lady at the fish factory - Hoi An

    "A truly beautiful person is one who is good at discovering beauty" Daisaku Ikeda

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