• "Light in the Dark" Bhaktapur, Nepal

    And after 3 years….

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  • Happy New Year!! Buon Anno!!

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  • Merry Christmas!! Buon Natale!!

    Merry Christmas!! Buon Natale!!

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  • The First Snow!

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  • "Hoi An Lady Playing Music" Hoi An, Vietnam.

    Wonderful Hoi An

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  • "Tibetan Nuns during Puja" Thrangu tara Abbey Nunnery, Sitapaiala, Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Evening Puja

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  • I will just sit here and watch…

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  • "The Nap on the Boat" Battambang, Cambodia.

    The Unmissable Afternoon Nap…

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  • "Beautiful Smiles" Bokor Hill Station, Kampot, Cambodia.


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  • "Boy in a Box" Luang Prabang, Laos.

    What are you looking at??

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